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Project Management
Our Communication and delivery process eliminates the discomfort, provides efficiency and on time results for your Big Dream Project.
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Globally United
There are no boundaries on the Internet & no boundaries in our mindset If you own a smart device, we are already connected.
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Team Waziir
Once you are on board with us, you get 50+ years of hands on technology experience to Build your dream. We are always dreaming.


We serve to create
a new world of thought leadership on the Internet. After all,
the whole universe is just a thought. So wish us Luck!

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After completing over 200+ apps development projects ,Waziir Technologies houses Innovative ideas for various platforms.
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Waziir Technologies technically synced with client's requisites offers affordable, systematic and dynamically tailored web solutions.
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In this Digital Age, the sooner we start fabricating our emotions, the better objects start to boast vivacity. Feel those objects.
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A zippy identity-as remarkable as yours- is carved up with strategic branding and brand consultation services.
Welcome to this next generation website “WAZiiR | The Assistant”. WAZiiR is entirely a social community to help you out with your daily needs.
Add you mobile number to get user friendly app link. We make it happen for you effectively and efficiently so that you feel like a king, the WAZiiR helping you out.
WAZiiR is a chat based assistant, application launched to fit to your daily requirements. It is a user friendly app and easy to handle. A go on click and we are there for you helping you out & assisting you.
We meet out your critical to satisfaction requirements of everyday life which is better than any other discoverable offerings.
Team WAZiiR
Why do we exist?
What is important to us?
How do we do it?
Our mission and vision, because we make your life absolutely hassle free without any doubts providing excellent out of the box quality assistance.
We chat with you on user defined interface that facilitates you at any time, any place and anywhere real time

Through WAZiiR you will add value to your time effort and money. We eliminate non value added time and activities from your life.
We add value to your life by playing productive, efficient and effective roles as a WAZiiR to our community.
The service application of WAZiiR itself speaks that our users are the champion who generate a productive efficient, effective social community through team work, support and growth linking on infinite chain of users to each other and to WAZiiR.
This leads to the path of success this being the infrastructure of WAZiiR.
You need it we got it
We at WAZiiR know how precious your time is. Start Saving your time with WAZiiR.
Here at WAZiiR, we offer you a personal assistance at every level.
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Real time assistance
WAZiiR assistant are available at your service with real time chat
which is not computer generated. We provide you with the handpicked solutions to your queries.

Our Service Areas

Work for us is much as our Karma. We love the Internet and want to make
it a beautiful place with your dreams in it.
Look at the Dreams that came true.

e commerce

Virtual Assistant

Tours & Travels

Infrastructure management

Reminder Services

Product Purchase Help

Market Research

Yellow Pages

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About Us

We are proud of our core values:
delivering on promises, developing full potential
and doing the right thing
We are driven by delivering value to our shareholders,
providing safe and sustainable project solutions for
our customers, developing the full potential of our people and contributing
to the communities we work in. Our vision is to be most trusted partner for
our customers by consistently delivering excellence

Our Team

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Lead Legal Advisor
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Customer Relationship Manager

Contact Us

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(+91) 9519822111
Customer Care
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WAZiiR Mail
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R20 Nehru Enclave, Gomtinagar
Lucknow, 226010

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